Seminar on FLASH drive:


Paypal - $24.95 (US) at include name and address.

*Includes 3+ hrs. of audio discussion.

Turn up the heat against vaccine and mask mandates!

Take sex and politics out of schools!

          1. COVID enforcement makes no sense!

          2. Schools are messing up the children and the school board is threatening parents!

THIS INFORMAL LECTURE (on flash drive) is part law seminar, and it examines vax/mask mandates and provides a sample proposed statute to prohibit them in a state, county, or city. Another proposed provision regulates vaccine ingredients as controlled or prohibited substances.

CLEANING UP THE SCHOOLS – Here’s a great review of current education trends and how to control curriculums w/o have to ask the school board or teacher’s union for anything. Listen to this aggressive and lawful approach to addressing that reference to “domestic terrorism” relative to a disgruntled parent at a school board hearing; problem solved.

MANY DOCUMENTS – When you know more about your rights, when you’re comfortable with rights newly discovered, you’ll more fully understand the outrageousness of enforcement and about the schools’ filth. View an offensive approach to stemming gov’t abuses, and represent your children’s rights as if they were your own rights. You’ll love this angle on confrontation over what children are taught, today.

Paypal - $24.95 (US) at include name and address.

*Includes 3+ hrs. of audio discussion.